Storage Tips

Smaller boxes should be used for heavier items like books or dishes.

Larger boxes should be used for lighter items such as pillows or linens.

Do not over pack boxes, they can become heavy and difficult to handle.

Boxes should remain square, should not bulge on top, bottom or any side.

When storing, be sure to place lighter more delicate boxes on top of heavier ones.

Label all boxes on all sides with the contents, i.e.: Bedroom, bathroom etc.

Use space inside drawers and large appliances to store items such as towels, linens, toys etc.

Breakdown large items like bed frames, tables and large furniture. Keep all parts together by placing them in a plastic bag and taping to the item they belong to.

To prevent scratching wrap furniture legs with bubble wrap, furniture covers or pads.

Items which will be accessed frequently during storage should be placed in the front of the unit, less frequently used items in the back.

Boxes should be tightly taped and furniture should be covered with a dust cover to prevent dust accumulation in and on your items.

Place throw rugs at entrance of unit to mitigate dust entering too far into the unit.